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Best - Top Articles

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Pitts Post - Nitrogen Article
TireBusiness - Why Not Try Nitrogen Incorrect statement: "Newly fitted tires with Nitrogen, you will never need to top them up for the life of the tires." Wrong, tire pressure still needs to be checked on a regular basis.
Tire Business - Branick Pushing N2 Mis-quote on 3 - 4 times slower than air. Another error: Pit Crew owner says N2 helped solve vibration problems. Wrong, inflating tires with nitrogen does not solve vibration problems.
Tire Review Great Scientific Article. Full of facts.
Tire Business - N2 Inflation Good Quotes from Consumer Tire & Dunn Tire. Talks a lot about what customers should try, etc.
MTD August 2005 Good correction on "Click and Clack" by Dunn Tire Corp. Chairman. Good scientific points in reference to Goodyear, Toyo & Bridgestone/Firestone.
Costco Press Release
Tire Business - Costco
The Forum - Giving Nitro a Boost A couple errors to point out: first, the mention of air molecules should be oxygen molecules. Second, Nitrogen leaks out of a tire 3 to 4 times slower than oxygen, not 30% to 40%.
Michelin Nitrogen Tech Bulletin Good information on retaining tire pressure.
Goodyear Supports Nitrogen Good Technical information regarding tire pressure retention.

New - Breaking News

Rating Headline Comments
Is Nitrogen Better than Air in Car Tires? Good, although not complete, look at nitrogen tire inflation.
Nitrogen for Tires Excellent article that looks at all aspects of nitrogen inflation.
Pumped up about nitrogen Well written article but states that there needs to be more independent research and therefore ignores much of the research done. There are several independent studies available at our website.
Nitrogen Filled Tires Lots of information provided that can be helpful to consumers. Especially those in St Peters Missouri.
Safety Upgrade - Tire makers should embrace switch to nitrogen gas for inlfation An excellent article that focuses on the true benefits of nitrogen and why its important to make nitrogen inflation a common practice.
Nitrogen for Tires Full review of all nitrogen benefits with lots of information to help in understanding why nitrogen works!
Nitrogen Inflation 101 Basic Q & A on nitrogen inflation by the GNI Technical Manager.
Its Not Just Hot Air Well written article including benefits, marketing and industry information from the GNI founder.
Tomorrow\'s Technician - Hot Trend For Cool Tires Great science!

Deep Science

Rating Headline Comments
Bridgestone Firestone Commercial Truck Tires Great Science
Nitrogen Tire Inflation for the Big Rigs Great Science! Laurence R. Sperberg has been researching the benefits of nitrogen inflation of tires for over 40yrs.
Reduce Fuel and Tire Costs TRIB talks a lot about importance of proper tire inflation
The N2 Revolution Generally negative on nitrogen - Race Car Tires
On-Site Mechanic: Nitrogen for tires
Why Nitrogen Extends Tread Life
Federal Aviation Regulations States reasons why FAA uses nitrogen.
R & P N2 Article Good article that references the Ford Baldwin Research Paper.
Ford Baldwin Research Paper Good article (very technical). Explains the oxidation of tire compounds due to oxygen in the tire.
Bridgestone Nitrogen Article Very good article that explains what nitrogen does & why it is good for tires. Simplifies the science behind filling a tire with nitrogen.

Truck/Fleet Specific

Rating Headline Comments
Nitrogen Tire Inflation Good article that covers all aspects of nitrogen for trucks and fleets.
Why Inflating Tires With Nitrogen Makes Sense Excellent article that goes through not only the benefits of nitrogen but touches on some of the benefits to the environment as well.
Safeway Fleet Set to Fill Tires With Nitrogen Good news but not much detail on the benefits of nitrogen.
Valley Companies Choosing Nitrogen Tire Inflation to Save Costs and Increase Productivity Good article that demonstrates many of the benefits of nitrogen for fleets.
What You Should Know About Nitrogen Filled Tires
N Factor Boosts Fleet Operations Very good article about the benefits of nitrogen for fleets.
Nitrogen inflation improves tread life, fuel economy: Study Thorough research with great results.
New Nitrogen Inflation System Reduces Tire Maintenance Costs, Improves Tire Life Good info.
Fleet Owner
Inflating Tires with Nitrogen Makes Sense States N2 molecules are denser than 02. That is false, O2 is denser than N2.
Nitrogen Tire Inflation for the Big Rigs Great Science! Laurence R. Sperberg has been researching the benefits of nitrogen inflation of tires for over 40yrs.
Fleet Maintenance Tire Supplement A lot of reading but generally good nitrogen facts.


Rating Headline Comments
Nitrogen Tires Hit The Road Accurate comments throughout article.
Still Filing Your Car\'s Tires With Air? Good info
Nitrogen prolongs tread life, improves mileage, experts say Good article with information on tires and nitrogen (click on picture of tire). Incorrect statements from John Eden
Mileage Saving Tips
Tire Stores Invite Customers To Get \'Nitro-Nized\' With Nitrogen Tire Inflation Great article referencing the facts and benefits of using nitrogen for tire inflation.
Belle Starts Big Nitrogen Inflation Push
Allen Tire to Offer Branick Nitrogen in all Locations March 27, 2006
Montreal Gazette - Nitrogen reduces tire wear; damage Lots of good facts
The Auto Channel - Dunn Tire Nitrogen does not solve vibration problems.
WPXI - Want To Improve Gas Mileage? Use Nitrogen
First Coast News - Save Money On Gas Using Nitrogen
KCCI - Drivers Fill Tires With Nitrogen False statement: \"So it (nitrogen) doesn\'t expand or contract during heat elevations...\" All gases expand and contract to some degree.
WKYC - Getting Better Gas Mileage Short article
The Daily Vidette - Nitrogen
NC Times - Nitrogen Gaining Popularity Negative comments from a Goodyear Tire Store.
KSL - Extend Tire Life The 30% to 40% statement about tire pressure should be 3 to 4 times.
WBOC - Filling Tires with Nitrogen Could Save on Gas The statement \"the tire itself will not lose air\" is wrong.
WCCO Nitrogen
Car Mom\'s Winter Driving 101
Costco Wholesale Buys Branick N2 Systems
Company leads way in nitrogen systems for tires
Filling your tires with Nitrogen

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