Passenger Vehicle Studies


Fleet Vehicle Studies


Other Success Stories

The following studies were conducted by independent firms that use nitrogen in their business. 
While they are not formal studies and there were no controls in place we are releasing them as informational.

Aberdare Cables
Larsen Trucking

Type of Study Savings Comments Information from
Fleet 48% cost savings and 45% tire life increase Data from a private South African company Amalgamated Bulk
Fleet 82% reduction in tire repair cost. 26.6% fuel savings.   Feedback from a private fleet company Larsen Trucking
Fleet Decreased number of blowouts. Approximately 40% tire cost decrease. Feedback from a private fleet company Larsen Trucking

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1 - Dunlop Tires, Rubber Association of Canada 
2 - price of $3.00/gallon, 
3 - average tire life of 45,000 miles for passenger and 230,000 miles for fleet, 
4 - average tire cost of $100 for passenger and $275 for fleet, 
5 - the 23% fuel savings is derived from decrease in rolling resistance, not road tested.


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