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Driving on underinflated tires? If you are, it’s like driving your car through sand!
The engine has to work harder, burning more fuel and adding wear to engine components.
It’s also dangerous. Almost all tire blowouts are caused by underinflated tires. Tires lose 1-2 PSI every month!. That’s 6 PSI low by the time you have your oil changed!

One Solution: Check your tire pressure every month

A Better Solution: Use nitrogen (N2) to increase your tire pressure retention, fuel economy, tire life and safety.

But don't just take our word for it. Look at these test results performed by a variety of groups, from private studies to research labs. They all agree that nitrogen tire inflation reaps benefits. If you'd like to see how much you can save, go to our home page and use the handy savings calculator.

Select Studies based upon Vehicle Type:
  Vehicle Type: Fleet
Study Clemson Canadian Fleet
(Mech & Mech)
Spurburg South Africa Computerized Test University of Bologna
Rating starstarstarstar starstarstarstar starstar starstar starstarstar starstarstar
Reason for rating Thorough and scientific field test with third party fleet Thorough and scientific field study validated by government Well documented private study Well documented private study Computerized real-world study. Awaiting full documentation. Scientific but limited test
Type of Test Field5 Field Field Field Field Field and Lab
Fuel Savings Using N2 vs Air filled
(checked regularly)
* 2.8% * * * *
vs Air filled
(checked only at oil changes)
23% 6.1% * * 13% *
Total Fuel Savings 23% 6.1% * * 13% *
Extended Tire Life 51% 86% 48% * * 40% - 50%
Reduction in Operating Temp       19.4% 20%  
Reduction in Pressure Loss 74%         53%
Reduction in Overall Pressure Fluctuation            
Study Duration
18 Months 110 Million Miles 50 Million Miles 2 hours 1900 Miles  
Comments   Double blind study   Tires tested on same vehicle to eliminate variation due to different driving habits   Nitrogen will potentially double tire casing life to allow more retreads
Document / Link Clemson Canadian Fleet
(Mech & Mech)
Spurburg South Africa University of Bologna
Your yearly savings2,3,4 if checking pressure regularly Not Studied $384.05 Not studied Not studied Not studied Not studied
if checking pressure only at oil changes $2,636.59 $810.65 Not studied Not Studied $1,622.12 Not studied

Other Success Stories
The following studies were conducted by independent firms that use nitrogen in their business.
While they are not formal studies and there were no controls in place we are releasing them as informational.

Aberdare Cables
Larsen Trucking

Type of Study Savings Comments Information from
Fleet 48% cost savings and 45% tire life increase Data from a private South African company Amalgamated Bulk
Fleet 82% reduction in tire repair cost. 26.6% fuel savings.   Feedback from a private fleet company Larsen Trucking
Fleet Decreased number of blowouts. Approximately 40% tire cost decrease. Feedback from a private fleet company Larsen Trucking

Have your own success story? Please send it to:

1 - Dunlop Tires, Rubber Association of Canada
2 - price of $3.00/gallon,
3 - average tire life of 45,000 miles for passenger and 230,000 miles for fleet,
4 - average tire cost of $100 for passenger and $275 for fleet,
5 - the 23% fuel savings is derived from decrease in rolling resistance, not road tested.